Falcons owls, the Tamar Valley and eagle owls

I decided to take my camera along to my Falconry lesson on Wednesday, (http://www.westcountryfalconry.com/index.htm)

a good idea as it turned out as I managed to get some lovely shots of the birds and the landscape on the walk we took.

The falcons the handler had were two Harrier Hawks one youngster and one aged, 26!

DSC_3421 The harrier hawk overlooks the Tamar Valley

DSC_3475  DSC_3476


We set off walking and I go some quick shots of the lovely Tamar Valley on the way. It was a nice day so an ISO of 200 was used for the landscape shots, in the open. I increased the ISO to 400 for some of the woodland shots later in the walk.


I was handed the gauntlet , as it were and the hawk flew down to get the piece of meat I held in my hand.

The bird seemed light and I enjoyed seeing such a lovely animal so close up.


DSC_3455 DSC_3456 DSC_3464 DSC_3448

We walked through the new Tamar trails and came across some interesting mine working including this bridge. (Above)

I enjoyed photographing the birds in the trees, it was lovely to see them flying loose around and about.

DSC_3488 DSC_3490


At the end of  the session  another of the group kindly took a shot of me with this European Eagle Owl much to my delight!