rainbow behind Sheepstor Dartmoor



Vixen Tor black and white rainbows and capturing the fade of Autumn on Dartmoor

I walked out to Vixen Tor which is only a few miles from Tavistock, my resident town. I expected to get wet as the sky was a wonderful mix of clouds and blue. This is actually a good mix for Photographers!

I think I saw four separate rainbows on this shoot and managed to capture a couple of them.

The surprising thing was that I converted the above image into a black and white picture and think it actually looks better!

I think as with all black and white images the highlights texture and lighting work with this shot.

I continued to the Tor itself and eventually found a way around a classic Dartmoor bog. I got a soaking walking towards the Tor but the haunting vista of the Tor in front of me …..

The hawthorn in front of the Tor made a great focal point and worked well in black and white.

As I walked back from the Tor I got a nice shot of the Tor highlighted by the light over King Tor, Dartmoor is great for this sort of shot the slanting light making for many a great image.

On the way back to the car I crossed a clapper bridge over the Grimstone and Sortridge leat and managed to capture this shot of it, these leats were used to carry moorstone and mine working equipment across the Moor


Rainbows, Rivers and leaves October 2012

This blog installment is to share the images I have taken over the weekend…   On Saturday dodging the showers, I walked across to my local haven, a field, five minutes walk away from my flat.   En route I saw a marvellous rainbow and managed to capture it…     I walked to the field and the hedge was being lit up by the Autumn sun and I caught some close up shots of leaves, including oak and bramble.

On Saturday me and my partner went up to the edge of Dartmoor to Pork Hill car park to take advantage of the amazing skies yesterday


Today I went to Shaugh Prior (in the rain) and took some pictures of the river Plym and also a self portrait:)