Rainbow skies, different versions of the same rainbow.

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Tors, trees, and windswept photographers.

I was determined to get out with my camera on the brief blustery sunny day here in Devon yesterday and decided to go for Pew Tor a great location with lots of windswept trees to capture.

The light at this time of the year can be great and the turned bracken and mid distance made a wonderful combination.

DSC_3008 bw


The colour shots of the trees also convert well into black and white and the moody subject matter works well.
I climbed to the top of the tor and got a couple of shots looking down and across to Cornwall.



I also caught this pennywort growing on sheer rock, proving that even a tiny life form can survive out on the Moor.

Finding subjects in a dark January

Trunks at Shaugh Prior River Plym Shaugh Prior Mossy RockDSC_2665

It was a dark and dank January day when myself and my pupil set out at Shaugh Prior for the teaching session.
Finding subject matter at this time of year can always be difficult but once again the mossy rocks and boulders of such a wild place proved to hold a good few shots.

The heavy gloom and cloud allowed for shutter speeds of up to four or five seconds with no filters.

Photographing Autumn in Devon; woods rivers sunsets and beech leaves

There have been some great sunsets and I have been waiting in the field across the road to capture them when the time is right!

I had a nice shoot yesterday (30th October ) near Creason wood Dartmoor

Lydford Castle, Church and Norman earthworks 16/9/2012

I spent my Sunday afternoon visiting the nearby village of Lydford, West Devon which has many interesting historical features. The main place of interest is the Norman prison, better known as the castle… it was a grey afternoon but I managed a nice shot poining upwards from the trees, below:

I walked around the back of the castle and headed to the Norman earthworks, which I hadn’t been to before,the early Autumn colours helped to make a nice shot of an oak tree on the edge of the moat :

I walked to the C15th church, which has some of the 18th century gravestones that are promenient in the area.

The church has some nice medieval stained glass fragments that I managed to capture by raising the ISO and opening up the aperture on my lens.

I got the last above shot of the castle leaving the church, with a mill wheel that had been put in the churchyard in the bottom of the shot.
Today like a lot of days, especially this year shows you can get some passable shots even when the weather is dull given the right subject matter.:)

Brent Tor, rain and a quiet bank holiday 27th August 2012

I decided to climb the brief summit up to Brent Tor despite the weather today, I needed to get out and about. I realised also, that I hadn’t been up to the medieval church built on the Ion age hill fort for a couple of years.

I think the best image I got today is above, looking up at the Tor from the car park, as ever a black and white conversion works well when dealing with flat overcast light.

It nearly killed me to climb the steep summit 🙂 but it was worth it to see the misty view and feel the onset on Autumn weather I find it incredible that the church yard is used the few graves that are there always seem so weather beaten.

It also forms part of the St Michael ley line that runs down to Penazance and St Michael’s Mount, and it is well worth a visit :).